May 31, 2017

RETAILiation Preview Comic

This post and a few more upcoming posts required some cobweb dusting. Back in grad school at The Academy of Art University, I developed RETAILiation, the story of three friends who all work retail jobs at the mall and the misadventures they have. Having a decade of retail experience myself, there was a lot of story content to draw from! For school, I developed the story as if it were a traditionally animated television show, and ended up with some character designs and a storyboard sequence (see original Post here). For me, it was barely scratching the surface.

After graduation I really wanted to continue the story of these three and the rich supporting cast I had developed in my head. So I attempted a comic book!

Well, first I tested the waters with a short, seven-page "preview comic". None of it was ever cleaned up, but I think it's still pretty clear what's going on. Enjoy!

Up next: the First Issue...

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