Jan 17, 2014

CTN Expo 2013 Photo O' Rama

For my first post of 2014, I'd like to take you all on a journey to a time from long ago. . .

The year is 2013.  The nation's first African American President is in his second term.  Gas prices and the overall tolerance for a gay lifestyle are high; uses for a college degree and the national minimum wage is low.  And at the Marriott Convention Center in Burbank, California, a convention occurs that brings together under one roof some of the greatest animation talent in the world.  This is their story...

The CTN (Creative Talent Network) Expo 2013 was as great as ever and bigger than ever!  There were so many tents everywhere, I at one point felt like I was visiting a bustling Native American village.  As I walked about, eating my maize, I was literally brushing elbows with some Animation Legends, such as Scuttle animator Rick Farmiloe.
Or how about the year's Official Sketch Artist, Ron Husband?

And then there was the man whose short physical stature makes his immeasurable amount of talent and animation knowledge seem ironic, Eric Goldberg.

But who among us in attendance could forget mustachioed Andreas Deja??

And whose breath wasn't taken away at the sight of Lorely Bove... and her beautiful painting skills (which I deemed "just right", though others have said it was "too cold" and "too hot")?

And then, of course, there was...J. Scott Campbell...because conventions are just what he does.
Yes, CTN 2013 was quite the terrific experience!  Did I mention I also had a Raising the Bar Recruiting interview with Sony Pictures Animation?  More on that in a future post...

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