Dec 28, 2012

Holidaze: 25 Days of Christmas: The Book!

"Man, Casey, you haven't posted anything in months!  What have you been up to, my main man?"

Well, random passer-by, I'm very glad you asked.  As those who follow me on The Facebook (or are one of my "Friends"), you'll know that for the first twenty-five (25) days of December, I uploaded a daily comic strip called Holidaze.  These comics were inspired by the look and comedic tone of Charles M. Schulz's iconic Peanuts strip, but with a Christmas song theme to each day.  Based on popular demand [...from my landlord for something he calls "rent money"], I have decided to compile all 25 (twenty-five) of these comics into a paperback book that can be purchased and then cherished forever and ever (in that exact order) on

"Whoopdy-do, buckaroo.  I've already seen all those comics for free.  You know your Facebook page is Public, don't you?"

Indeed I do, sir or ma'am.  Indeed, I do.  Therefore, I have decided to sweeten the deal!  In addition to the twenty-five (24+1) digitally-released comics--which would be seen for the first time in all their 300 dpi, printed glory--I have created an additional four (4x1+2-6+4) never-before-seen comic strips!  And if that wasn't enough, I've also created over twenty (20!) new illustrations of your favorite Holidaze characters to help fill out the book, plus gorgeous new cover art (as seen above).  Did I mention that the book is full-color and comes with a nifty little "To:/From:" gifting page in the front?  So what are you waiting for??  Head on over to, buy yourself a copy or two (free Super Saver shipping if you spend $25 or more on the site), and keep a little piece of the Christmas spirit with you all throughout the year!!

Sample interior pages:

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