Sep 13, 2012

The Color Kittens Reimagined

Back in 1949, the writer of Goodnight Moon wrote a Little Golden Book called The Color Kittens about two kittens--for some reason dressed in train engineer outfits--that are trying to mix colors together to make Green.
More recently, in 2012, the writer of this blog had a class taught by the incomparable Gilbert Banducci where one of our assignments was to turn this classic tale (or "tail" haha...) (...) into a television series.  We had to pick the network, figure out the demographics, restyle the characters, select the voice talent, and pitch our new angle to the class.  I decided to play against personal "type" and skew the show to an audience older than the books target demographic, creating a show for the FX Network to air after Archer or Louie.  The show was to star the voices of Matthew Perry and Melissa McCarthy as Brush and Hush, looking something like this:
My pitch for the premise of the series was delivered in mock-book form as follows...
I think this show will definitely gain some traction with that coveted artistic cat demographic.  Your thoughts?

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