May 26, 2012

An Officer and an Alien - Thumbnails

Either because I love storyboarding so much or because I have a death wish (I'll leave the speculation up to you), I have been taking an online story class from the great Sherm Cohen on top of finishing up my work from the semester, preparing a portfolio, etc.  Sherm is a pure delight and his class carries the mark of it's creator.  We have been given a script and character designs to work from and are creating a storyboard sequence from them.  It sure does feel good to work off of someone else's story and characters for a change!  This past week was working on our thumbnails.  Next will be roughs, followed by the clean-up, both under Sherm's personal guidance.  Pretty nifty.  For now, I offer my thumbs and a few character sketches.

Story and Characters ©2012 Sherm Cohen.

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