May 18, 2012

Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends: The Great Spring Show Adventure

I am truly honored and pleased to announce that the storyboards for my Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends: The Great Unicorn Rescue thesis story have been selected for the Academy of Art's annual Spring Show*!!!  If you haven't seen them yet, check them out here.  You'll be able to view them in glorious print form on not one but two 24 x 36" posters starting Wednesday, May 23rd at The Cannery here in San Francisco!  They'll be there until August 11th; more info here.

I was asked to create a "movie poster" to help catch the eye and break-up the space on these posters, since apparently a 24 x 36" rectangle with 229 smaller rectangles on it isn't appealing to some folks.  Being it finals week, I didn't exactly have the time for such an endeavor, so I had to keep it simple and couldn't give anything a second thought.  I came up with the following, which I'm okay with, all things considered:
The character-in-rectangle concept was taken from an Avengers article I saw in a magazine, digital roughs, 2-hour pencils, then a few hours in Photoshop to color and add the awe-inspiring Lens Flare effect (*heavens open*).  Really wanted to get my Drew Struzan on, but what can ya do?
*UPDATE: Not only were they selected to be in the show, but they won First Place for the Storyboarding category!  Highly honored. :^)

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