May 19, 2012

The Briefcase Briefing - Final Storyboards

Picking up where I left off on my thesis work, the latter half of this semester has been spent working on my live-action storyboard sequence, The Briefcase Briefing.  I always assumed this would be the easiest of my thesis concepts, since live-action requires no character design and fairly minimal set/vehicle/prop design.  But we all know what happens when you assume.

This one ended up being very demanding for several reasons.  For starters, live-action boards require a more realistic rendering to the characters and environment, which ultimately boils down to more time and pencil mileage.  I also wasn't sure if I should go traditional or digital with them, so I did an odd hybrid of both worlds (traditional thumbnails, digital roughs, back to traditional for drawing, back to digital for clean-up).  I also had to stage three characters (a hero, a villain, and an unfortunate victim of circumstance) in a way that they all intertwined at the right moments, avoided each other at other times, but you always knew where they were and where they were going.  It was chaos.  Additionally, I decided to stage the entire sequence on a bridge!  So almost every shot was a never-ending perspective shot.  It was pretty laborious.  94 shots, 130 boards total.  As always on this blog, you get what you paid for:
The Briefcase Briefing Storyboards
As I was thumbnailing the sequence, I thought it'd be fun to pin up my drawings on one of my quark boards to better see the ever-evolving sequence.  Here's a picture I took of that during an earlier version.  Can you spot the differences???

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