Apr 8, 2012

Thru the Moebius Strip - Storyboards

It turns out that Arne Wong, my Advanced Storyboarding instructor, was a coworker, friend, and roommate of the late, great French artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud.  The two worked together on Moebius' feature length film, Thru the Moebius Strip.  Never heard of it?  That's because it was produced in China and, due to international distribution issues, never made it over to the U.S.  Still, Arne has the script for the film and shared the first few pages with us.  We then had to pick a scene from those pages and board it.  We were given several of Moebius' sketches of the characters to use as model sheets.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Here's the script for the scene I boarded, followed by my final boards, followed by thumbnails of the scene.

Simon dons a protective suit and steps on a PLATFORM located about 5 feet from the front of the Portal.  Arthur engages the controls, and the platform slowly rises off the ground and moves toward the Portal.  The nervous robot attempts to keep all the readings stable, not an easy task.  At the brink of the Portal, Simon glances over at his desk and fixes his gaze on a 
     Professor Weir, the portal has not been fully tested.

Simon moves through, absent-mindedly contemplating Arthur's words as he proceeds, melting into the exotic alien world.  He replies to Arthur at the top of his voice.

     Don't worry.  I won't be long...

As you can see, I switched up the order of things a bit.  Arne was stressing to us the importance of getting the framed photo to be integrated into the story and not just a thrown in cut shot.

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