Apr 17, 2012

Sketch Dump - NERDs Edition

First off, full disclosure: this post is NOT based on the popular NeRds candies.  If that's what you're searching for, weary traveler, keep on rambling.  This post is actually just a collection of sketches I did over spring break last week.  They were for my final project in Advanced Storyboarding and were based heavily on that Aurore Damant style that I do oh-so love.  Slight oversight of story versus character design on my part (I am SO not a character designer) and I need to skew them all younger in the redesign.  No point in letting these design sketches go to waste, though, so enjoy!

Plenty more to come as this project evolves, plus I will soon post the initial development for my final in Storyboarding & Animatics.

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