Mar 10, 2012

Tow Mater Soup, Anyone?

Here's a fun little illustration I drew for "Mater's Food Drive" at the Disney Store, where I work.  Just done to help create awareness of the collection box for Cast Members within the store.  Maybe some day, my artwork will be seen by more than one store...

...a man dream, can't he?

All done digitally.  The background is a repurposed image of Mater and McQueen on the railroad tracks that I had to do some fun "Clone Stamp Tooling" to.
For the actual, printed version, I made the soup can a separate element and Mater's tow cable is made of brown packaging tape.  The cable can be reeled in as cans are collected!
Tow Mater and related elements are all © 2012 Disney • Pixar
[*SIDENOTE: I can't claim creative rights to "Tow Mater Soup".  Full credit goes to my co-worker, the amazingly delightful and creative Yesenia Chavez.]

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