Feb 4, 2012

Advanced Storyboarding, Week 1

It's that time, again!  No, not for George Lucas to change the Star Wars movies! It's time...what's that?  He has?  Oh.

Well, anyway, it's time for a new semester at The Academy of Art University!  This will actually be my last full semester.  Hard to believe.  Three new classes to challenge me over the next 15 weeks.  First up, we have Advanced Storyboarding with Arnold Wong.  "Arnie" has been around for awhile and used to own his own studio. He has also directed a few episodes of CatDog, but not too long ago, he decided he didn't want to go digital and left the industry to teach surfing in Hawaii.  Long story short, he's now teaching storyboarding at the Academy.  Should be an interesting semester, to say the least.  In any case, our first assignment was to watch one of three commercials and reverse engineer a storyboard for them.  I chose this classic Pepsi commercial:

My boards, which were hand-drawn, go a little something like this:

Did these all in one sitting.  Can you tell where I started to get bored and antsy?  The template is one that Arnold gave us; I can't say I enjoy it.  More to come...

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