Nov 19, 2011

'Tis the Season

One of the great joys of my life is being able to share my talents with others, and this is especially true during the holiday season.  Check out this "gem" from 2006:
Working in retail during the holiday provides a lot of interesting challenges, but it's also a great place to share my abilities with others in the form of gifts.  Here are some Create Your Own Vinylmation figures that I painted for the Disney Store management team last year:

I also painted a couple of things for some special Cast Members.  There was a special Giants Donald Duck for Jimmy:
 And a Tinkerbell for someone whose name I don't recall...
All of the Cast Members also got to design their own Secret Santa stockings.  Mine featured Casey Jr.:
Impressive, I know.  So this year, I had to figure out a way to top myself.  I realized quickly that the only thing better than one character is five characters!  Then, I just had to figure out a clever layout. I was about to declare such a notion impossible when BAM!  What if I drew five characters on some fake animation paper?
KA-CHOW!  All I had to do now was figure out the five most important characters in the Disney catalog.  I had to have Casey Jr., naturally.  Flynn Rider and Finn McMissile were obvious additions that had to be included.  My love of the West and Tom Hanks meant Woody needed a spot.  And my extreme admiration for Glen Keane and love of Tarzan filled the last spot. [and yes, I know Glen did not animate Young Tarzan.  Get over yourself, animation buff!]  So, I sketched down my thoughts in my sketchbook, using some reference, of course.
 Then, I drew them for real on some vellum.
A little Prismacolor marker on the back for Woody and Finn.  For Flynn and Young Tarzan, I actually colored them digitally and printed it out on a transparency to give a "painted cel" feel.

Then, I glued it all down onto my stocking, added my name and some decor with Nupastels, and voila:

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