Sep 17, 2011

Digital Storyboarding - Frankenstein Roughs

My Digital Storyboarding class with Jeff Snow has really kicked into high gear!  He gave us a copy of the script for Frankenstein (the 1994 version) and let us choose between two sequences to board from.  I chose the sequence where The Creature stumbles upon a peasant dwelling.  We also get to use the Official DreamWorks Templates that they 4 realz use at the studio!! :^D

First, as always, is designing the characters.  I was originally going to go with a more realistic approach, but then realized the amount of time it would take to draw that I then switched over to a more cartoony approach.  I kept the Twilight-inspired flock of dark hair, though.  I also had to map out the environment, so I created a quick "blue print" for the layout of the peasant's dwelling.  All based on research, of course!
I got to pitch my boards this morning in front of class (or at least to those who were actually there), and it went over quite well.  Jeff pointed out some areas to add reaction shots and where I needed some extra hook-up drawings.  Overall, he said he liked the quality of my roughs, which was quite the moment of validation.  Next step is to make the recommended changes and clean-up the boards.  But first, enjoy the sequence thus far:
Frankenstein Roughs

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