Sep 3, 2011

Clothed Figure 3 - Week 1

The Fall 2011 semester arriveth!  Three brand new classes, all of which should be awesome (and hopefully light on homework so I can continue to work on my thesis project)!

My first class was Clothed Figure 3, which is being taught by Timothy Gula, a non-faculty member that they are apparently flying in from Santa Monica (or San-Somewhere) just to teach the class!  Pretty cool!  Chuck Pyle (Illustration Director) did an introduction for Mr. Gula, singing his praises and pointing out that he would be teaching a non-Barbara Bradley method of figure drawing!  Ooooohhhhh.  Old habits die hard, though, as I soon learned.  Mr. Gula has done a lot of comic book work during the 90's (such as Judge Dredd), as well as some action figure design, some cartoon work, and plenty of other things.  He was also very open about his methods and very personal as an instructor.  In fact, in addition to regular group demonstrations of how he works and uses his tools, he went around to each of us throughout the evening and would draw out a pose on our drawing pads.  Very neat to be inspired by and learn from.  Here are the two he drew in mine:

As I said, though, old habits die hard.  Trying to drop what I've been so used to doing for two years here at the Academy and adopt his new method--as well as having taken the summer off--lead to some not-so-great life drawings this week.
Progress to be made!  I look forward to the challenge. :^)

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