Sep 19, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 2

Theme this week was "geisha".  I have absolutely no knowledge of what a geisha is/does.  Haven't even seen Memoirs of a Geisha.  So I just checked Wikipedia and Google Images and came up with a couple of things.  Hopefully they make sense.  If not...oh well.

I've decided that I'm really going to try to test my artistic skills with this class, since the instructor has declared "open media" for the assignments.  Last week, I went all digital using Sketchbook Pro.  This week, I started traditionally with pencil and brush pen/ink wash, then scanned and colored digitally in Photoshop.  I'm also going to try different styles in terms of character design and such.  Hopefully, I'll wind up with a nice variety of work for my portfolio.

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