Sep 11, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 1

And for the last of my three new Fall Semester classes I have Advanced Perspective for Illustration, Film, & Games.  This class is being taught by Brandon Luyen, who has worked in the Game Industry for some time.  This is set to be an interesting, informative, and homework-ridden class.

Week one found us learning about pushing the depth of a picture by aligning different parts of a character thru the horizon line, specifically thru the head, torso, and lower leg.  Our homework was to demonstrate these principals via a samurai theme.  I chose to tell the story of three kids playing samurai.  Two of the boys have to make their own outfits, while one boy borrows his dad's actual costume.  My results are as follows:

Drawings were done digitally in Sketchbook Pro; value and layout done in Photoshop.

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