May 5, 2011

That's [Also] So Bouguereau!

Once more, my Figurative Concepts homework was to copy a master painting, and once more, I chose Bouguereau.  This time, however, we got to keep the clothes on.  [click here to see previous, nude attempt]  Unlike before, however, I really didn't have the time (or desire) that I had once had.

This time, I chose Bouguereau's Little Thief painting from 1900:
(She stole the pear, I guess.)
I believe I spent a little over 10 hours on this one, though not as consecutively as before.  I ended up with this:
Most of that time was spent on proportions (proportions, PROPORTIONS!), which I think are pretty much correct.  At least they were before I had to rush the value and started adding details/folds too soon and had to go back and try to adjust values without losing detail...and it just became a real mess.  Truly wish we were given more time on these things.  I mean, one week to draw 30 sketches in a park and then one week to copy a master painting?!?  Very frustrating.

Anywho, I again took pictures of the progress as I went along and compiled them into an animated GIF, for your viewing pleasure:

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