Apr 4, 2011

Last night's Hangover..

Last night I finished up my latest Character Design project, which was to take a movie and draw four characters from it in an animated series style.  I was at first thinking the classic Back to the Future, but then I remembered--vaguely and with help from Google--that they had already created a cartoon series for it!  Grrr...

My second choice was the modern-day classic, The Hangover.  Pretty sure that there's no series based on this least not until the world feasts their eyes on these amazing character designs!:

I ended up going with a Stephen Silver-esque style, probably because I've seen him do similar things with movies like Clerks, Indiana Jones, The Goonies, etc.  Could be developed further and revised, but when you've only got a week to do things before starting on new things, you've just got to stay on the horse and keep riding.  On to the next project!  Heeyaw!

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