Apr 12, 2011

25 Expressions - Rapunzel

One of the assignments due this week for Michael Buffington's Character Design class was the 25 Essential Expressions Challenge.  For this assignment, now stay with me on this, we essentially had to pick a character and draw them acting out 25 different expressions.  As we all know, Disney's Tangled just came out on Blu-Ray/DVD and it is just so fantastic and inspiring.  Then when you add in the "Art of" book with all those Glen Keane drawings in it??  ...well, I thought I'd go digging where the inspiration was ready to explode, hoping I'd find some gold or oil or at least a diamond in the rough.  So for my character, I chose Rapunzel.

My feelings towards this project can probably best be described through the drawings I spent hours and hours on:

At first when I finished, I was all
and when I thought about how much time I had spent, I was very
And then I started to wonder 
and even felt a little 

I was 

by what I saw!  I mean, I thought I was pretty 

with the pencil, but what lay before me just made me 

I was


at the same time.  How could I be so

about this assignment and end up feeling so
And I know right now you're all 

but I am not being 

when I say that I was filled with 

But then I posted a picture of my sketches on Facebook, and my Friends said i was just being

and I was pretty 

by that.  It definitely made me feel more 

and I am extremely 

to feel that support from those around me.  The 

that my drawings weren't any good was washed away in a moment of 

I'm still not completely

with the results, but I'm

of drawing Rapunzel expressions.  Now that I'm done, it's time to get

And when I drink, I get quite

so watch out ladies.

Oh, and I also drew this one:

but I don't really know what it means.

I think that's all 25 of 'em.  You can also go over to my deviantART page and download the complete collection in a pretty large format and with some quick color slapped on.  Oh, and here are a few of the warm-up sketches that I did based on Glen Keane's amazingness:

Rapunzel and related entities © The Walt Disney Company.

*UPDATE: So I turned in this assignment today, and it went over well.  Apparently I got an "A++" on it.  Not sure what kind of a grading scale that is.  Michael Buffington payed me an awesome compliment though, stating that I have so much potential that he can see me with my own booth at next year's WonderCon or CTN.  Great motivation to keep at it. :^)

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