Mar 11, 2011

A Return to Form (Shadows)

I loves me some classical drawing.  There, I said it!  After five weeks of nude figure drawing, we have new course headings in my Figurative Concepts class and are now spending five weeks on portraits before five weeks of clothed figure.  And we're doing them the classical way via sfumato and such.  Like Da Vinci (no, not the code...well, kind of the code).  We are actually using the methods described best in the William Maughan book, The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head, with pastel pencils and the all-coveted Velvet Gray Paper.

My first semester at The Academy, I had Mark Tennant's Head Drawing class (check out his website--guy is amazing).  It kicked my butt.  Hard.  Especially the last five weeks with oil painting.  But it is probably the class that I learned the most in, certainly when applied to life drawing.  Now I rock out head proportions.  Hard.

That having been said, here is my pathetic attempt at a portrait drawing today.  Ugh...

Hopefully the next four weeks will be more in my favor.

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