Feb 12, 2011

Well, go figure(ative concepts)!

New semester.  New classes.  New drawings to post (...and then eventually not have time to post).

This semester, I am enrolled in Developing Story (an MPT class where we--you guessed it--develop stories and talk about story development), Character Design and Drawing for Animators with Michael Buffington, and Figurative Concepts with the Academy's resident superstar, Nicolas Villarreal.  Following in the mammoth footsteps of my fellow student/friend/undoubtedly future coworker Adam Knight (check out his blog if you haven't--you're in for a treat!), I have decided to post some of my figure work from the first two weeks in collage form.  So, without further ado or name-dropping, I present Naked Chicks: Weeks One and Two...

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