Dec 17, 2010

Fall 2010 - Layout Design

Well, another semester has come to a close for the Academy of Art University, so that means it's time for my bi-annual (a word I'll use because "semesterly" apparently isn't one) posting of classwork.  First up, Layout Design for Animators with Oliver Sin.

Posted below are the pages from my Final Book, which compiled all the weekly "Directions" that Oliver gave us to create a layout design for.  I found this class to be a frustrating one--not artistically, but in terms of instruction--and I will definitely say that I'm not very pleased with any of the work I produced for this class.  Not a complete waste of time and energy, but I definitely did not learn anything new about layout design.  If nothing else, I will say that it's good to learn new techniques, even if those techniques aren't right for you.

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