Apr 3, 2010

WonderCon 2010, Day 2

Day 2 of WonderCon started off awesome and then kind of fizzled out and we left early.  I won't be attending day 3--guess I was just there for the Disney stuff, which is interesting as I wanted to be a comic book artist but a mere decade ago.  But yes, Day 2 kicked off with Eric Goldberg's "Hand-Drawn Animation Workshop", which needless to say, was freaking suh-weet.  He went through it work on Louis the alligator from "The Princess and the Frog", highlighting the beautiful things one can do in traditional, 2-D animation that 3-D can't.  He also showed the superb new exposure sheets they're using, which has an actual waveform of the dialogue/music of the scene.  Eric explained about Louis's double-bounce that made the dance numbers so lively and informed us that all the trumpet fingering when Louis is playing is 100% authentic--an above and beyond touch that, he believes, is what makes Disney animation so special.  Could this guy be more inspirational?!?  And to top it all off, he ended his segment by letting the audience chime in with the creation of a brand new character!  He would ask a question (like "male or female?") and the audience would respond.  We ended up with a female, anthropomorphic, short, unicorn who is depressed, fat, and is a ballet dancer--check out the final character he drew below:
Also, today I came prepared and got him to sign my copy of his brilliant "Character Animation Crash Course!" book (if you don't own it, click the link and buy it!) and draw a little doodle of the husband from his "Rhapsody in Blue" segment from Fantasia 2000.  Enjoy!

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