Mar 16, 2010

Legion of Honor Museum Excursion

Living here in San Francisco while I work towards my degree does have it's perks, one of which being the number of art museums the city has.  Today, the class took a field trip to the Legion of Honor Museum over-ish by the Golden Gate Bridge.  Lots of really amazing artwork there (and some regular artwork, too).  Next time I go, I'll have to bring my camera (didn't know those were allowed), but for now, here are some of the sketches I did.  Mind you, these pages were done in a little over two hours (never enough time!)...
And, for the record, my favorite piece that I looked over today (there are many more to peruse on future trips) would have to be this Pierre Paul Prud'hon from 1814, Venus Bathing:
Just something about that classical female body type...

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